About us

Drishti Tech

Drishti Tech is an integrated Business Solutions IT company. Headquartered in South Mumbai, our company is spearheaded by key members of the Drishti Group core management. With over 30 years of varied business experience, Drishti Tech team provides end to end implementation and customisation services for Odoo ERP, Google Apps and other leading applications. We are an ISO 9001:2008 and 27001:2005 certified company for quality assurance and security. 

Our services enable our clients to leverage the maximum benefit and achieve a high ROI on their technology investments. A company of passionate professionals, our goal is to improve lives through our technologies.
At Drishti we believe in a value based culture. 

Our core values are the guiding principles that help us make every day decisions. Whenever a Drishti team member is at a decision making fork, during development, client interactions, product design or any mundane task Our core values help them decide which road to take.

Our Values

Quality. We achieve a high grade of quality in our deployments to ensure that our clients can rely on the product to perform mission critical tasks. We strive to maintain the quality standards set by our parent company to further add to brand Drishti. 
Honesty. Be true to yourself. We rethink our solutions to ensure that our clients get what is best for them. 
Effectiveness. Nothing succeeds like success. We ensure that our solutions are practical to increase their acceptance. The technology is only great if it is used.


Enable professional use of technology to make life easier.


Deliver cutting edge Open Source Solutions to the Enterprise. 
Enabling SMEs to use enterprise grade IT Solutions. 
Application and deployment of consumer technologies to Government.

The Drishti Group: Imagine. Perform.

Who we are, is hugely dependent on where we come from. Drishti Tech is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Drishti Group. 

The Drishti Group has widespread interests in the Real Estate, Emergency Services and Leisure Marine Sectors. Established in 1982, the company has established a large asset base and a culture of providing quality services. Today the Group employs more than 950 professionals and has 26 companies operating over 10 locations. The Group is promoted by Mr. Rajiv Somani and has a diverse and dynamic leadership to manage its various businesses. 

Trust, professionalism and dedication are some of the cornerstone values that have become the driving force at Drishti.

Value to Drishti Tech clients

Drishti Tech has the ability to pull resources from various companies of the Drishti Group as per the requirements of our clients. Tech clients get inputs from industry leaders due to their association with the group. 
The Group uses Odoo and Google Apps to manage all its businesses. This enables Drishti Tech to continuously develop and improve features of Odoo with a ready client for the feature. 
Using and maintaining our products for our own Parent company gives our clients the assurance of our ability to manage Enterprise grade deployments.

The Team

Our experienced team is the greatest asset of the company. Apart from being the best at what they do, our people treasure customer satisfaction. An attitude of professionalism and value driven services have enabled us to develop a infections corporate culture to deliver beyond our clients expectations. We've built a strong balanced team of professionals that have a rich experience in software deployments, development and training. Join us today and help us disrupt the enterprise market. 

Ankit Somani

CEO & Founder

A systems integration engineer from the University of Pennsylvania with a minor in Finance, Ankit started Drishti Tech in 2013 with a vision to bridge a capability gap in the technology market. 

He has over 10 years of business leadership experience ranging from an Investment Banker in NY to starting Drishti's Emergency Services company. Ankit's business and technical skills are a major reason for client satisfaction at Drishti Tech. He has a keen focus on expanding Drishti Tech into a large services company, delivering clients with cutting edge products and huge cost savings. 

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Ajantha Sawant

Project Manager

With 5 years of Experience in SAP implementation Projects and an MBA in Operations, Ajantha drives key projects at Drishti. Her comprehensive knowledge from past experience in SAP has helped in building the organisational collateral and also successfully enabled Drishti to implement Odoo for larger clients. She leads the Business Analyst Team and also mentors pre-sales activities. Her ability to retain quality from the team as the organisation has scaled has lead to well known companies being added onto our client list.