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We customize, configure and deploy the world's best Business Softwares to meet your unique requirements.

Our business software solutions are used by over 5 million businesses worldwide. At Drishti, we provide best in class services to help some of the most renowned companies run their businesses efficiently. 

Drishti Tech provides end to end implementation services for the leading ERP, emailing, document storage and collaboration applications. Links to below sections:

ERP Implementation Google Apps Deployment Execution Methodology Data Security Other Services

ERP Implementation

Comprehensive ERP implementation services for your business, including Requirement gathering, customisation, development, data migration, training and post deployment support.

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The best companies run on ERPs. Drishti can execute all your ERP requirements.

If your company is ready to deploy an ERP, Drishti Tech is an ideal partner to work with you to achieve success. Our high rate of success has helped us achieve Gold Partnership level with Odoo, the world's leading open source ERP application. Employing the best, most innovative talent, our team meets the high level of expectation from a Gold Partner. 

We execute turn key ERP deployment contracts. Working with our clients, we understand their requirements and configure or customise the ERP to surpass their expectations. Drishti Tech uses Odoo for its ERP deployments. To learn more about Odoo and its features Click here.

Requirement Understanding & Industry Best Practices

We work with our clients not only for them. This means that sometimes we help our clients adjust their business processes to align with industry best practices. Understanding client requirements is a key step to a successful and on time deployment. Our analysts continuously train to be up to date with standard practices across various businesses and our exposure to a wide variety of industries and geographies enables our people to apply these diverse learnings across clients. Each Business Analyst at Drishti is a certified ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditor, which enables them to structure all our business applications in conjunction with the methodology laid down by the renowned ISO.

Empower all your departments

Our ERP covers a large variety of industries and business applications needed by our clients. Core applications such as HR, Accounting, Sales & CRM, Purchases, Warehouse management & manufacturing are needed with all implementations. With over 1,000 modules, our E-Commerce platform, Point of Sales and other extensions the ERP has applications across verticals. The open source model & Drishti Tech’s strong development team allows for an infinite amount of customisation to any module, business process, workflow, forms and access rights. 

Drishti Tech has invested heavily into training its team in the core Accounting modules and functionality. This has created a very strong base for all our deployments, ensuring a reliable, tried and tested accounting core. Various customers across the globe reliably run their business on our accounting implementations. We have a strong experience in deploying ERPs in business conglomerates operating in different verticals using Multi Currency, multi company configurations with customisation to allow inter company transfers, invoicing and customer management. 

Customised for your Industry

Drishti Tech has a large client base and varied industry experience. We have clients operating in Facility Management, Import & Distribution, Emergency Solutions, IT Solution providers, Tourism, Travel and Forex, Hotel & Hospitality, E-Commerce, Retail, Cement Manufacturing, Financial Services amongst others.

Our facility management clients have benefited tremendously from the HR Management, Cost accounting and Operations modules specifically developed for their businesses. Our HR Solution have automated an otherwise tedious task of collection and processing of Payroll for companies that employ over 10,000 employees. The cost accounting system allows senior management to get a birds eye view of the profitability of each contract including central costs being allocated downstream. An operations module allows the Operations Managers to track and deploy the required resources to maintain contractual and quality commitments. Its built in with an asset tracking module to know the status of critical resources. 

A large number of Distribution companies have adopted our ERP platform. The landed cost module for imported goods and the robust warehousing, sales and purchases module make it an ideal system to manage large complex businesses that most distribution companies run. Barcode system integration, anytime anywhere access and a highly reliable & scalable architecture have been some of the key successes.

APIs - Integrate with any application

 A complete JSON-RPC & XML-RPC API built on REST allows us to integrate with any modern day applications. Direct DB links have also allowed for integrations with BI tools such as Jaspersoft. Drishti has also built a unique bridge between Google Apps for Business and Odoo enabling our clients to use both technologies in a cohesive manner.

Our experience with JSON-RPC & XML-RPC have enabled some fairly complex integrations involving over 40,000 at a time. A specific integration done by Drishti involved using Odoo as a central accounting package, receiving transactional data from over 7 different business applications, each running their own operations module. 

Integrations with E-Commerce platforms, social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ also add tremendous functionality in today’s very social world.

Mobile application development

In today's world, where everyone has a smart phone, no solution is truly comprehensive without a mobile app. All our Odoo deployments and customisations can now easily be accessed by customised mobile applications for Android.

Task & Project Management, Human Resources & CRM are some of the most requested mobile apps. 

Drishti Tech has chosen to focus on Android based developments due to its easy proliferation thru a large company. Our clients have found that deployment of Android based devices has been the most effective solution. 

Google AppsTM deployment.

We help you achieve the most out of Google Apps for Business.

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Improve your business

Drishti’s focus is to help companies achieve the most out of their Google Apps deployment. We are able to build custom widgets, integrations and configure Google Apps to incorporate all our clients’ IT policies. Using industry best practices we help clients design and use the suite for Document Management, email monitoring, calendar coordination and extreme mobility. 

Google Apps is the leading Email and collaboration SAAS suite in the world. Drishti is an SMB Authorized Reseller of Google Apps and provides its clients with turn key solutions to implement Google Apps at their company and train users to help adapt to the change. To learn more about Google Apps & its features click here.

Change Management

Drishti's change management services help clients get their users trained to use Google Apps. Resistance to change is one of the largest reasons for software deployments to fail within organisations. 

We use the same Change Management techniques that we do for large ERP deployments to help get users familiar with Google Apps. 

Users are also helped to transition onto the new platform by integrating with tools they might be comfortable with, such as Microsoft Outlook. 

Google Apps on to go

Email, Calendar, Documents all accessible from the comfort of your mobile. A plethora of iOS and Android applications for the various cloud apps of the Google Apps for Business suite.

Execution Methodology

How we work with you to deploy the technology you need.

The singular critical aspect to achieve success to a software deployment is: Execution Methodology. 

Process, process & process. Everything we do adheres to clear policies defined in our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Manual. At Drishti Tech, our people use the well planned, easy to use processes made with the focus to effectively execute software deployments for our customers.

Drishti Tech is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Our Quality Assurance processes are built to handle the different methodologies we employ to help us deliver our services. Our teams are able to work on projects in both Agile and Waterfall methodology. Some deployments have seen a requirement to use both methods at different stages of the project. A well documented and systematic approach enables us to maintain transparency, accountability and most importantly quality for our clients. With a high focus on punctual delivery, the KPIs of all our employees have a heavy weight on the same. 

Our project experience is equally divided between using both Agile and Waterfall methods and the method chosen wholly depends on the size, scale, industry and the current state of the business processes of the client.

Waterfall Method

Agile Method

Data Security

At Drishti we always keep your enterprise safe

All our premises and developments adhere to our Security Policy of 2014 and are ISO 27001 compliant. Odoo and Google Apps run the highest level of data security configurations. A complete access rights module, enable fine grained access configurations to ensure that your users see only what they need to. For Odoo, our team can configure access rights down to the field level.

ISO 27001:2005 Certified Information Security System

Being ISO 27001 compliant ensures that our data and our clients business data is secure from both internal and external threats. State of the art firewall, network security and disaster recovery keeps our services uninterrupted. Similar measures are taken during all onsite deployments for our customers to assure a high level of reliability from the business applications.

Odoo - behind your firewall

As a Gold Partner of Odoo, we maintain the highest level of security during our Odoo deployments. Odoo can be deployed on the SAAS or On-site platforms based on customer requirements. For our Enterprise clients, we deploy Odoo on premise behind their firewall. Our hardware and network engineers ensure a stable and secure deployment.

Odoo works seamlessly with user management systems like Google, Active Directory, Single Sign On OAuth and OpenID. 

PostgreSQL ensures data integrity with full ACID compliance. 

Google Apps - Security provided by Google

When you trust your company’s information to Google, you can be confident that your critical information is safe and secure. Drishti Tech configures your deployment to work safely within your current security parameters and IT Policy.
Google’s information security team, including some of the world’s foremost experts in information, application and network security, are focused on keeping your information safe. Google, Drishti Tech and many other customers trust this system with highly sensitive corporate data.

Other Services

To meet your extended Information Technology needs

Partner Development Services Program. As an Odoo Gold Partner, Drishti has put together a unique program to support and help bolster new and existing partners. We provide access to our internal trainings, development resources at unbelievable pricing and business consulting to help you grow your business. Our simple goal here is to see the Odoo ecosystem and partners grow. We believe the largest growth will be achieved by breaking into markets dominated by other ERPs and not by Odoo partners competing against each other. The more businesses that adopt Odoo, the more the ecosystem will thrive. To avail of the facilities offered by us, the company must be registered as an official Odoo partner and be in good standing. To know more, please contact us

Consultancy Services. Our army of business analysts and top management is available to help you plan and deploy any of your IT needs. These services are primarily needed by B2C software companies such as an E-Commerce company. Drishti helps these clients build a business plan and the supporting IT infrastructure in terms of software and hardware. Our consultancy services are exclusive of the Technologies we use so as not to restrict our clients to a predetermined suite of applications. We also have Geographically strategic partners to help us explore new markets and localise our product based on their specific conditions. Our Domain experts help us stay up to date with the requirements and best practices in our focus areas. 

IT Support. Drishti Tech works with a slew of Industry partners and domain experts to provide business with the best in class services. Hardware solution providers such as: Servers, switches and networking equipment to barcoding, RFID, POS and other technology requirements. 

Core Development. Our development team is highly trained in core technologies such as Python, PostgreSQL, CSS, JQuery, Android SDK and JS. Core team members work on development tasks outside our focus frameworks of Odoo & Google Apps.