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Drishti is a complete business solutions company. Our team is focused on utilising its time effectively to deliver our clients with the best solution. While we are largely catering to Large Enterprise clients, we have clients across various scales, industries and geographies. As per our Cloud Commitment, the products we use are deployable easily and reliably on the cloud. This greatly increases the flexibility and scale of Drishti's offerings. 

Our clients respect the quality and reliability of Drishti's service. We ensure that our clients achieve a far higher ROI than any comparable offering or industry benchmark. A focus on timely delivery, and genuine efficiency focused effort enables us to achieve our commitment. . 

Case Studies

Surf Life Saving Goa


Drishti Tech has executed and completed projects for clients across the following Industries:

Alumni Network
Aquatic Sports
Architects & Interior Design
Car Rental
Cement Manufacturing
E-Commerce & Retail
Facility Management, Manpower
Financial Services
HR Recruitment
IT Solutions
Leather Manufacturing
Private Equity
Real Estate
Travel, Hospitality and Logistics


Our current clients are from:

Indian Subcontinent
Middle East
North America

Drishti Tech has executed and completed projects for clients across the following Geographies, and has localised experience on the same. Our mandate is not restricted by location, and we are able to work around the clock and communicate with clients using remote and cloud technologies to provide services to anyone around the globe.

Size of Operations

Built for the cloud our applications work for clients from different scales. Our implementation methodology and team is able to adapt to cater to the same.

Large Enterprises: 

The security and reliability of our solutions makes it the ideal solution for large enterprises. The high level of customisations of processes and structure are easily handled in our Open Source ERP platform, creating an unparalleled Value Proposition. Google Apps is today being deployed by some of the largest companies in the world. 

Drishti Tech has deployed ERPs at large enterprises like the AFRAS Group, Trade Wings Limited, Bagalkot Cement and the Drishti Group.

Medium Scale:

A lack of heavy licensing costs and over 1,500 modules enable Medium scale industries to easily find what they need with a very practical ROI. The ease of customisation allows the growing businesses the flexibility they need to incorporate their unique requirements and integrations. The high reliability and ease of use of Google Apps makes it a default choice. 

SMEs & Start Ups:

Google Apps & Odoo in the Cloud are absolutely ideal for SMEs and Start ups. Drishti takes pride in helping such businesses adopt new technologies and has extremely competitive and unique billing module to support these companies grow.