Drishti's Cloud Commitment


Drishti Tech

Cloud based technology has been causing revolutions since the advent of technology. The principle of “Cloud” is delivery of on demand resources. The electricity grid is one of the the most widespread and commonplace cloud technologies we use. Electricity was usually manufactured at the site of requirement, most factories had their own generators. This involved a significant investment into infrastructure, maintenance and upgradation to the newest technological advancements. Today, electricity is produced, upgraded and quality controlled centrally. Users plug in and pay as they use. A similar revolution is underway in the computing world. Users are today consuming technology far from its source. Soon most standard requirements will be met by Softwares that will be consumed as a service, similar to electricity.

Drishti is committed to using softwares that can be deployed in the cloud. Our softwares will either be wholly cloud based or deployable in a private, on premise, cloud.

Benefits of the cloud for our clients:

  • Work any time, any where: Cloud based softwares can be accessed securely pretty much any place you can connect to the internet. This gives our clients a chance to be connected to their businesses whenever they need.
  • Security: A centralised software allows for a very strong security effort at a single location. A single point backup also ensure that DR is easily achieved. This enables extremely stringent security measures. 
  • Upgrades and Maintenance: A centralised upgrade automatically is used by all users. Single point maintenance, fixes issues quickly and ensures that its fixed for the entire user base.